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Hello (again)

A bit about me...

When I'm not busy designing user experiences, you can usually find me pursuing a few of my passions. For starters, I'm a boxing enthusiast, and I find that nothing quite beats the rush of a good workout session. But when I'm not throwing punches, I love to unwind with my other passion: painting and drawing. Recently, I've been creating animal-themed artwork, thanks to my child's love for all things furry. But usually, I enjoy the challenge of capturing the intricate details of human faces. 

My Story & Why UX

My journey to UX Design has been a winding one, but each step I've taken has led me closer to discovering my passion for designing experiences that are both intuitive and engaging. Initially, I studied Fine Art Painting at University, where I honed my skills in composition, color theory, and visual storytelling. These skills later became the building blocks for my career in UX design.

After completing my degree, I started working in project management for a Security consultancy, where I learned how to manage complex projects with tight deadlines. Although I enjoyed the challenge, I realised that my creativity wasn't being fully utilised in this role. This led me to explore business development and marketing in the tech industry, where I was first exposed to the power of technology to shape user experiences.

Over time, I discovered that what I really enjoyed was understanding people's needs and designing solutions that met those needs. That's when I found my calling in UX design. The field allows me to combine my creative background with my passion for problem-solving and my ability to empathise with users. Through UX design, I can create meaningful experiences that are both visually appealing and user-friendly.

So, while my journey to UX design may not have been linear, each step I took taught me something new and prepared me for this fulfilling career. I'm excited to continue exploring this field and learning more about how I can design experiences that positively impact users' lives.

I'm always looking for exciting new opportunities - let's connect!

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